Checklist for Your Writing Projects

Based on a checklist by Annalisa Crannell at Franklin & Marshall


Does this paper:

  1. clearly (re)state the problem to be solved?

  2. provide a paragraph which explains how the problem will be approached?

  3. state the answer in a few complete sentences which stand on their own?

  4. give a precise and well-organized explanation of how the answer was found?

  5. clearly label diagrams, tables, graphs, or other visual representations of the math?

  6. define all variables, terminology, and notation used?

  7. clearly state the assumptions which underlie the computations and explain how each formula is derived, or where it can be found?

  8. give acknowledgment where it is due, including appropriate citations?

  9. use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation?

  10. contain correct mathematics?

  11. solve the questions that were originally asked?


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