Overall Course Structure
Math 302 Advanced Cryptography, Spring 2021

Be sure to check back, because this will be updated during the semester.

Just as last fall, there are some additional constraints this semester because of the pandemic:

This means that the only feasible way for the entire class to meet at once is via Zoom. The basic structure of will be similar to last fall with a few modifications to the schedule since all in-person students will be able to fit in our classroom at once. The plan for class meetings is:

In particular, note that you should plan to be available for all of the scheduled class meeting time on Monday and Wednesday. As the term goes on, we might have to make some adjustments to the structure of the class, depending on how things are working.

As last fall, let's all be kind to each other, and we'll figure it out.

We'll be using several different resources during the semester, and it's helpful to me to have a diagram of where they will be located and how to find them. You can click on the diagram for a larger version or view a pdf here.

Math 302 Organization diagram