Guidelines for WeBWorK and Problem Sets
Math 104 Calculus II, Spring 2021

You will have two main types of weekly homework assignments this semester: WeBWorK and written Problem Sets. The WeBWork assignments will give you practice with the computational aspects of the course, whereas the Problem Sets will often be more conceptual in nature and with a strong emphasis placed on explaining your reasoning.

You should definitely plan to start early on the WeBWorK assignments and Problem Sets so that you can take advantage of my office hours and Remote Peer Tutoring.

I firmly believe that one of the best ways to build your understanding of mathematics is to explore the ideas with other students. Therefore, I encourage you to discuss the assignments with other students, but your solutions should represent your own work. If you do work with another student on an assignment, you should indicate that in a note on the top of your paper.

WeBWorK assignments

Problem Sets

Remember that the purpose of all of the assignments and activities in the course is to help you learn calculus!