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My Fall 2010 Daily Schedule

This may change slightly from week to week depending when meetings for the Science Center project are scheduled.

If you have a conflict with my office hours, please drop me a note at ratliff_thomas@wheatoncollege.edu and we can set up an appointment for another time.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30 Math 104 Science Ed Pol 8:30
  Calculus II Center Meeting Office  
9:30 Meetings Hours 9:30
  Class Prep Class Prep Class Prep  
10:30 Math 104 Math 104 Math 104 10:30
  Calculus II Calculus II Calculus II  
11:30 Office Independent 11:30
  Hours Study  
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Department 12:30
  Research Meeting  
2:00 Office Faculty 2:00
  Hours Office Meeting,  
3:00 Department Hours AAUP, 3:00
Tea / Seminar etc.  
4:00 4:00

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