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Math 401 - Senior Seminar - Spring 2006

Here are the happy campers (and their professor) after giving their talks at the Hudson River Undergraduate Math Conference!

  • Course Policies (.pdf file)

  • The assignment for the Reflection Paper (.pdf file).
    Thanks to Bill Fenton at Bellarmine for the idea of this assignment.

  • Some Important Dates

    February 8 Paper for project selected
    February 20 Reflection Paper due
    February 24 Abstracts due for HRUMC
    March 8 Outline of Final Paper due
    March 20 Outline of HRUMC talk due
    March 27 Guest lecture by Ron Graham
    April 8 HRUMC at Westfield State (notice this is a Saturday)
    April 17 Rough Draft of Final Paper due
    April 19 Outline of Final Presentation due
    April 24 Final Paper for peer review due
    May 2 & 3 Final Presentations
    May 5 Final Paper due

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