Math 102 - Calculus I with Economics Applications - Fall 2003

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All numbers indicate sections from Ostebee/Zorn, Vol 1, 2nd Edition.

9/3Welcome to Math 102 9/4Introduction to Maple 9/51.2 Graphs
9/81.3 Elementary Functions 9/101.4 The Idea of the Derivative 9/11More with plots in Maple
Indiv HW Due
9/121.5 Estimating Derivatives
9/151.6 The Geometry of Derivatives 9/171.7 The Geometry of Higher-Order Derivatives 9/18Project 1
Group HW Due
9/19Project 1
9/221.7 continued 9/242.1 Defining the Derivative 9/25Working with the difference quotient
Indiv HW Due
Project 1 Draft Due
9/262.2 Derivatives of Power Functions and Polynomials
9/292.3 Limits 10/1The Big Picture 10/2Exam 1
Covers thru 2.2
10/32.4 Using Derivative and Antiderivative Formulas
10/62.6 Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 10/82.6 continued 10/9Practice differentiation
Group HW Due
10/102.7 Derivatives of Trig Functions
Project 1 Due
10/13Fall Break 10/153.1 The Product and Quotient Rules 10/16Practice differentiation
Indiv HW Due
10/173.2 Composition and the Chain Rule
10/203.2 continued 10/22More Differentiation 10/23Putting it all together
Group HW Due
10/24Differentiation Exam
10/274.3 Optimization 10/294.3 continued 10/30Project 2
Indiv HW Due
10/31Project 2
11/34.7 Taylor Polynomials
Last day for full credit on Diff Exam
11/5The Big Picture 11/6Exam 2
Covers thru 4.3
11/74.7 continued
11/104.8 Why Continuity Matters 11/124.9 Why Differentiability Matters 11/13The temp at the equator & the IVT
Group HW Due
11/145.1 Areas and Integrals
Project 2 Due
11/175.2 The Area Function 11/195.3 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 11/20The FTC and economics
Indiv HW Due
11/215.3 continued
11/245.4 The Method of Substitution 11/26Thanksgiving 11/27Thanksgiving 11/28Thanksgiving
12/15.4 continued 12/3The Big Picture 12/4Exam 3
Covers thru 5.4
12/55.6 Approximating Sums
12/85.6 continued 12/10TBA 12/11TBA
Group HW Due
12/12Course Overview

Final Exam, Wednesday, December 17, 9:00 am in Meneely 209

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