Math 102 - Calculus I with Economics Applications - Fall 2003

Etiquette for Using the Computers in Science Center A102 During Class

The computing set up in Room A102 in the Science Center provides a tremendous learning environment for mathematics and computer science classes.

However, along with the opportunity comes temptation to use the machines for non-class related activities. So that we are all on the same page, here are some rules of etiquette for the classroom.

  • When you first come into class, move the keyboards over to the side. This will help diminish the temptation, and when you need to use the machines, it is easy enough to move the keyboards back.

  • The computers are to be used during class time only for course-related activities. This does not include checking your email or cruising the web.

  • If you are using the machines for anything that is not course-related,
    I will ask you to leave class.
    Any activity that is not related to the course is a distraction to other students.

  • Also, because of the equipment in the room,
    Absolutely no food or drink in the room.
    This includes coffee, water, juice, etc. You should leave any cup containing any liquid outside the door before you come into class.

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