Math 398 - Game Theory - Tentative Syllabus

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All numbers indicate sections from Games and Decision Making by Aliprantis and Chakrabarti.

2/1What is Game Theory? 2/31.4 Optimizing Using the Lagrange Method
1.5 Uncertainty and Chance
2/81.5 Uncertainty and Chance
1.6 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
2/102.1 Two-Person Matrix Games
Group Homework Due
2/152.2 Strategic Form Games
2.3 Applications
2/172.3 Applications
2/222.4 Solving Matrix Games with Mixed
Individual Set #1 Due
2/24No Class
2/293.1 Graphs and Trees
3.2 Single-Person Decisions
3/23.3 Uncertainty and Single-Person Decisions
3/74.1 The Structure of Sequential Games
4.2 Sequential Games with Perfect Information
Group Homework Due
3/94.2 Sequential Games with Perfect Information
Reading Journals Collected
Topic for Presentation Due
3/14 Spring Break 3/16 Spring Break
3/214.3 Sequential Games with Imperfect
3/235.1 The Market for Lemons
5.2 Beliefs and Strategies
Individual Set #2 Due
3/285.3 Consistency of Beliefs
5.4 Expected Payoff
3/305.5 Sequential Equilibrium
Outline of Paper Due
4/46.1 Auctions with Complete Information
Group Homework Due
4/66.2 Individual Private Value Auctions
6.3 English Auctions
4/11Introduction to Voting Theory 4/13Geometry and Voting Theory
4/18More Voting Theory
Papers Due
4/20Even More Voting Theory
Reading Journals Collected
Individual Set #3 Due
4/25Presentations 4/27Presentations
5/2Presentations 5/4Course Wrap-up

Takehome Final Exam Due May 10

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