Guidelines for Your Reading Journal

Your journal can be a spiral notebook, a looseleaf binder, or any other form that you want. There are a few guidelines that you should follow:
  • Begin the entry for each assignment on a new page.
  • Each assignment should have the following components:
    • A header at the top of the page containing
      • The date of the class meeting that the reading is for
      • The section(s) from the text that the reading covers
      • The amount of time you spent on the reading assignment
        (This will not be used in grading your journals, but you will find it valuable as the semester goes on)
    • A list of new terms defined in the section and the page number where the definition appears
    • The major results and/or theorems from the section
    • An answer to the question "What is the point (or points) of this section?"
    • A list questions that you have after completing the reading

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