Math 398 - Game Theory - Reading Assignments
February 2000

You will probably want to print this page out and keep it in your text, but be sure to check back every so often, because this may change during the semester.
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All numbers indicate sections from Games and Decision Making by Aliprantis and Chakrabarti.

For Thursday February 3

To read :
You should read the following, but you do not need a Reading Journal entry for:
The Forward to the text
Introduction to Chapter 1
Skim Sections 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 (this should all be review)
Section 1.4 pp 13-14 (we'll talk about other methods of optimizing multivariable functions)
For your Reading Journal, read Section 1.5 Uncertainty and Chance

Be sure to understand :
The distinction and connection between distribution functions and density functions
The definitions of expected value and normal distributions

For Tuesday February 8

To read :
Section 1.6 Decision Making Under Uncertainty
Be sure to read the Allais Paradox, and we'll discuss Examples 1.21 and 1.22 in class

Be sure to understand :
Pages 26-27 (this will require some re-reading)
Defintions of utility function, expected utility of a decision, lottery, risk averse, risk neutral, and risk seeking

For Thursday February 10

To read :
The Introduction to Chapter 2
Section 2.1 Two-Person Matrix Games

Be sure to understand :
Example 2.1 and the defintions of dominated strategy and Nash equilibrium

For Tuesday February 15

To read :
Section 2.2 Strategic Form Games
Section 2.3 Applications up to Example 2.11

Be sure to understand :
The defintion of strategic form game, strategy profile, and Nash equilibrium of a strategic form game

For Thursday February 17

To read :
Example 2.12 in Section 2.3 Applications

For Tuesday February 22

To read :
Section 2.4 Solving Matrix Games with Mixed Strategies

Be sure to understand :
The defintion of mixed and pure strategies

For Thursday February 24

No class today.

For Tuesday February 29

To read :
Introduction to Chapter 3
Section 3.1 Graphs and Trees
Section 3.2 Single-Person Dections

Be sure to understand :
The definition of a decision graph

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