Guidelines for Submitting Reading Assignments

  • You will have a reading assignment for nearly every class meeting. Each assignment will have two or three questions that you should be able to answer after you have done the reading.
  • You will receive either 0 or 1 on each assignment. If I feel that you have not made a serious effort on an assignment, I'll warn you that you will receive no credit on future assignments that are unsatisfactory.
  • You must write your answers in complete sentences.
  • Every question implicitly ends with ``Explain your answer.''
  • You must submit your answers to me via email by 9:30 a.m. on the day of class!!
  • Remember that my email address is
  • In order to receive credit, you must send me email from your account. For Calc II, you must give your message the subject line
    Math 104 - Due Date - Your Name
    and for Linear Algebra, you must give your message the subject line
    Math 221 - Due Date - Your Name
    For example, for the reading assignment for Calc II on September 10, I would use the subject line
    Math 104 9/10 Tommy Ratliff
    If you use the correct subject line, you will receive an automatic reply that I have downloaded your reading assignment to my office computer. You may not get this message until the morning of class when I check my email in my office.

    If the network is down, you may write out your answers for me on paper and turn it in at the beginning of class.

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