Installing Maple on Your Personal Windows Machine

We will use Maple, a powerful computer algebra and graphing package, extensively during the semester. Wheaton owns a license for Maple V Release 5 for Windows computers, and you will be able to run it whenever your machine is connected to the Wheaton network.

Let me know if you have any problems.


  • You can download a zipped version of Maple from here, and then follow the remaining instructions.
  • You should have a file called "" on your local machine. If this doesn't unzip automatically, double click on the icon. If it still doesn't unzip, call the Help Desk at x3900.
  • You should have two folders. Open the folder "KeyServer Client", and run the setup program. After setup is complete, you can trash the "KeyServer Client" folder. You should now see "KeyServer Client" in your task bar. If not, restart.
  • The second folder created is called "Maple 5 Release V". When you do see that the Key Server Client is active, you can start Maple. The actual filename is "wmaple" and it's in the "BIN.WNT" folder. Perhaps you should make a shortcut to your local desktop.

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